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You can sign up as an Influencer, Affiliate or a Preferred Customer:

Influencer or Affiliate Activation:

An Influencer or Affiliate can either sign up by paying the activation fee of $25 or they can also purchase one of the Wanae Starter Kits. The Starter Kits are a great way to introduce you to the Wanae Products and tools to start building your retail business. There is only a $8.75 recurring charge each month.
  • Activation Fee: $25
  • Recurring: ONLY $8.75
  • Build a sales organization and Earn commissions
  • Starter Kits are an inexpensive way to get introduced to the Wanae products.
  • Get Free Shipping on Starter Kits
SAVE 25% as a Preferred Customer

A Preferred Customer orders at wholesale prices, they have no activation fee and are required to be on a monthly Wanae auto-ship Program.
  • Save 25%
  • Order at wholesale prices
  • Have to be enrolled in auto-ship
  • Have no activation fee
  • Continue